A better than expected run

This morning I missed my local parkrun. To be honest I could have gone, but I woke up slightly later than normal and didn't want to be rushed. Well it was the start of the weekend. 

There was another reason why I didn't go. The last week I'd been suffering with a bit of a cold. It started the previous weekend. After that Saturday's parkrun I went downhill fast, ending up sleeping nearly 12 hours on Saturday night. I even slept a further 2 hours on Sunday afternoon.

As the week went on, my condition improved. I didn't exercise at all until Friday when I did a light 10 minute run on a treadmill followed by some weights on my arms and chest.

As I'd missed my Saturday morning parkrun with 800 odd runners, I vowed that I'd run later in the day. The opportunity arose around 7pm. Out I went in glorious sunshine, but with a keen breeze making the 20 degree temperature feel a little less.

I'd planned to run around a slowish 7-8 km. If I'm honest, the early signs weren't too promising. My legs seemed slightly lethargic which played on my mind, and longer distance running has a lot to do with mental strength than physical stamina. But things improved as I progressed.

As it turned out I ran 10km. It was a little on the slow side, but that's OK. After all the injuries I had last year, running that distance in anything like an hour is an achievement in itself. Besides I can work on my speed in the coming weeks, and it all starts with another spinning class on Monday.