Boris Johnson: The shape of UK politics to come

"Prime Minister Boris Johnson." Those words have seemed as inevitable as night follows day. This ambitious politician may have attempted to dampen the expectations of political commentators that he was after the head hancho's top job, but he was fooling no one. What is remarkable, is how someone so gaff prone, unphotogenic, and controversial could have achieved his lifetime ambition.

Now that he's at No.10, he's started building his cabinet. It will be a cabinet that has to hit the ground running and deliver on his promises. Among them is Brexit. No one is entirely sure what Brexit means, and that's the major issue facing his premiership. Yes there's a deal on the table, but that's been rejected three times by parliament. Boris seems to want to get compromises from the EU on the backstop between Ireland and the UK border in Northern Ireland, but the EU is so far not budging.

There are major changes in his cabinet. So far 15 of Theresa May's cabinet have either been sacked or have resigned from their posts. As the BBC's Andrew Marr said earlier today:
"These changes make the Night of the Long Knives look like tinkering with a pair of nail clippers."
What appears clear is that most of his cabinet, and definitely all the major positions, will be filled by those who are Brexiteers and also support his Brexit agenda. Those Conservative politicians who voted remain, now face a stark choice. Either they vote for any new deal from Brussels, accept a No Deal scenario if this doesn't happen, or be as obstructive as possible to their leader's attempts to drive Brexit through parliament.

As to whether he'll be a good or bad Prime Minister, maybe this 2016 interview with Eddie Mair will help you make up your mind.