President Trump. Let’s call it what it is. Racism

President Trump is a master in manipulation, particularly when dealing with the media. The way he deliberately creates situations where his divisive rhetoric can thrive. The way, normally after the fact, he denies saying something or passes the blame onto others. It’s never his fault, even if it is. As he puts it, he and his “people” are misrepresented and misunderstood and only he can stand up for them.

It's amazing this bullshit works. Here’s a man who’s never completed an honest day’s work in his life, who treats women as sex objects, who has proven sex offenders among his friends, and who sows division into society. Yet he manages to hoodwink your average working class American into thinking he stands for their values. It’s abhorrent, but it is a fact of life.

His latest spate is classic Trump, four non-white Democratic women politicians. They speak out, and he gets his trolls to shout despicable comments at a rally. He doesn’t condemn these comments, at least not straight away. That would undermine what he’s trying to achieve. No. He waits until everyone has gone home, and then makes some non-committal statement back in the Oval Office. His supporters won’t see this as they don’t follow the mainstream media. Instead, they follow him on Twitter where his vile tweets are read by those bitter and twisted enough to follow him.

The fact that he can get away with this illustrates the problem America has. The same could be said for other countries. Look at Brexit in the UK, or the rise of far right in France, Austria, and other European countries. These issues are built on appealing to a forgotten demographic, who hark back to when times were good. But were they really that good?

“Make America Great Again” has turned into “Keep America Great” for Trump's second presidential term attempt. This positive spin assumes that he has made the US “great”. This is subjective, but if you agree that sowing seeds of racism, sexism, vitriol, and division is making a country great, then yes he has.

President Trump, you don’t speak for me or any of my friends. I can understand how you’re able to manipulate the minds of the very people you say you’re trying to help, but you don’t fool me. Look in the mirror and a racist is a racist. Not even the queen in Snow White could change her spots, and you can’t either.