Installing a Madcap Flare Trial with the Salesforce Connect add-on

Installing Madcap Flare is similar to installing any non-cloud based software. You just download and run the .EXE file, select your required configuration, and hey presto, job done. But what if you also need one of Madcap's add-ons? Take their Salesforce Connect add-on that allows you to publish your Flare output to a Salesforce Knowledge instance?

Madcap's documentation is very good compared to some of its competitors. Take the following pages as examples:
  • Product Summary: This is a clear well written page with product information, and summary installation steps.
  • Help File - Publishing Destinations: As you'd expect from a help file written for a help authoring application, this page includes helpful tips when publishing to Salesforce Knowledge, plus the steps necessary.
  • Blog Post: This post written by Jennifer Morse, Madcap's Director of Product Evangelism, provides further detail on the specifics of publishing to Salesforce Knowledge.
Having read all this, I still had some questions. My main stumbling block was the trial downloads I required prior to buying a licence. At first sight, it appears you must have the Salesforce add-on installed before installing Flare. What's more, there isn't a download link anywhere for a trail of the add-on. If true, this presents a problem for users of the trial version. Did you have to buy a separate licence for the add-on before being able to test it? It seemed strange if you did. It left me just a little confused, and the user forum didn't really help me. 

Thankfully after clarifying the situation with Madcap, this is not a problem. The Madcap Flare trial also allows you to configure Flare to publish to Salesforce Knowledge. The key part is ensuring you use the "Custom" installation option as outlined in the links above.


You also don't need to worry if you've already installed Flare without the add-on. Maybe you've been a Flare user since before the Salesforce add-on was available. You've been updating your releases, but not activating anything over and above what you've previously used. Only now have you decided to implement Salesforce. In this instance you can modify your Flare installation. Jennifer's blog post outlines the process.

So all is well that ends well. I've got my Flare trail complete with the Salesforce Connect add-on. Now all I need to do is set up my Flare projects!

The processes outlined in this post, also applies to users of the Madcap Connect to Zendesk add-on.