Deactivating Madcap Flare and Salesforce Connect

Recently one of my team had an issue with their laptop. They reported the issue to our IT team who gave them a new laptop. Despite the IT team have a good process for copying data from one laptop to another, such a process is never 100%. There are always issues with locally installed applications.

Madcap Flare is one such application, and like any other the license key, should be deactivated from the old laptop before reinstalling it on the new laptop. Failure to do this, means you'll be unable to activate the application on the new machine. If you're not able to do this (e.g. a critical hardware fault) contact Madcap Support with details of your licence key who should be able to help.

Our IT department deactivated Madcap Flare, and gave my team member her new laptop with it reinstalled and registered. All was well until they went to publish their content. Why? We also have the Madcap Salesforce Connect plugin, and it appeared like it wasn't installed. Indeed it wasn't, so we installed it. Trouble was we weren't able to activate it.

At this point I asked the critical question. Was the Salesforce Connect plugin deactivated PRIOR to deactivating Madcap Flare on the old laptop. As I surveyed the rather puzzled looks on the assembled faces, it was obvious we had hit upon a potential solution. Surely as you had to activate the Salesforce Connect plugin AFTER activating Madcap Flare, the opposite must be true when uninstalling them.
Note: Although we don't have a licence for the Zendesk Connect plugin, I strongly suspect the following procedure would be the same for that.

So we got the old laptop back from IT and:

  1. Deactivated Madcap Flare from the new laptop. Without doing this, we'd be unable to perform step 2.
  2. Reactivate Madcap Flare on the old laptop.
  3. Deactivate the Salesforce Connect plugin on the old laptop.
  4. Activate Madcap Flareon the new laptop.
  5. Activate the Salesforce Connect plugin on the new laptop.
Guess what? It worked!