#TechCommTea: A meetup for Technical Writers

In an earlier post, I outlined an initiative of networking with fellow Technical Writers. It started from an idea of a friend of mine, Christie Fidura who is Director of EMEA Developer Marketing at Salesforce. She organised weekly sessions during the Covid-19 pandemic, with the aim of chatting with members of her network over a cup of tea.

Unlike Christie's meeting which allowed anyone to join in, my initiative took the slightly different angle of focusing on the Technical Communication profession. Why? Largely because a lot of us work as lone writers, with little peer to peer support. Secondly there just isn't enough opportunity for us share our ideas.

Our first meeting afforded an opportunity to get to know each other, and discuss some general issues. We were an eclectic bunch, a mixture of employed and self employed, translators, some were just dipping their toe in the profession, whilst others had many years of experience. We had participants from Canada, United States, UK, and India. We even had interest from Hong Kong and New Zealand, although time zones proved an obstacle for them.

The response to this first meeting was positive, so a second session was planned. Over 55 Technical Writers from around the world responded wanting to join in, and a @techcommtea Twitter account was created. Our second meeting focused on reviewing content.

Going forward we plan to hold weekly sessions on Tuesdays with each focusing on a specific topic. the hour long sessions will start at 9am PDT, 11am CDT, 12 noon EDT, 5pm BST, 10:30pm IST. Follow @techcommtea for updates, or the featured posts on my LinkedIn profile.

#TechCommTea is born.